Veeral Patel Time Capsule 2/12/2014

Star or Guardian Philosophy

Star / Guardian percentage is 80 / 20.

80 = Want to build a stronger foundation and focus on myself a bit more. “Practice what I preach”

20 = Sharing my journey with others to motivate them. This helps me to feel more accomplished in my own journey.



“Self assessment of where I am at, what has happened and where I am going”.


InMyWorld …

I want to continue my journey to an overall increased awareness of health and well being and it is important in my life. Currently I have a sprained ankle and I am working on getting it back to normal.


others around me have seen my changes in my journey, however have not taken noticeable action as a result of my efforts.


I would be more conscious of my nutrition. Last week or so I have let it slip. I wont let an injury demoralise me and will use this as an opportunity to develop other weaknesses into strengths.



In Construction


Learn more about this in my coaching sessions. Learn about how to apply this information. Discuss with others about this. Continue to achieve PB’s in my Power Lifting. Currently = Bench 72.5 Deadlifts = 100 Squats = 72.5

Want to get my 100 Push Ups time down below 4 minutes.

Improving our understanding of how this applies to you and how to make it work for you.


Focusing on my running technique. Work up to 3+ kms without stopping.  Want to get in some more skipping.


Focusing on Stretching before, during and after all workouts and placing a greater emphasis on strengthening all areas more frequently.


Have a better understanding of how to take care f injuries, in particular the RICER Technique and not drinking.


Develop a more balanced nutrition plan to execute and also be more conscious of what I am eating and include more Superfoods in my diet. In addition to this, have portion control on foods that have higher carbs and sugars where I can not substitute them (especially with a trip to NZ over xmas planned).

Be more conscious of where I am at with my results.

Who: Personal Trainer, Boot Camp Group, Cricket Team, Gaureng, Samantha, Shirena, Physio – John

Knowledge: More exercise Techniques, Anatomy,

Motivation: Talking to people – Planting Seeds, Competitiveness, InFitPTv Scoreboards – Testing, Social Media

Lifestyle: Cricket

Sport Performance: Learning from your coaches, Cricket Training,

What is your Strategy?

  • To build a solid foundation through consistent training.
  • Excel and prosper.
  • Celebrate small victories.

What are the Skill elements of your conditioning?

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise Technique
  • Batting – Cricket
  • Communicating / Sharing my vision with others



Applicable in Cricket

In response to an injury and working away from home.

Responsiveness to my own thoughts. Positivity.




Conditioning Traits

Doing everything with knowledge first so that the correct understanding and technique is there and so that I can make steady progress towards the goal. Its not about finishing the race as fast as possible but to constantly re-assess and re-align my behaviours and mindset in order to get to the destination.