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Congratulations on making the first step to building a better, more capable you. Over the next few weeks, months and years you’re going to experience a lot of changes. From the feeling of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), to the sense of satisfaction as a result of achieving a short or long term goal. It’s all a part of the journey and should be embraced.
We do things a little differently here at InFitPTv. Almost all of our clients receive a personalised program structured towards their own individual goals. It is important to learn how to perform the exercises in your program so well that you are comfortable with doing them on your own.
We base these exercises and the structure of your plan on your own “Performance Goals”. Setting Performance Goals is the most important and first step to achieving the desired effect (whether it’s to build muscle, lose weight, tone up, or to improve your performance in an event).
Think of 3 short term (1 – 6 weeks) & 3 long term (1 year) goals that you would like to achieve and write them down here:
Short Term  1:
Long term    1:
Maximising your results will be the outcome of combined disciplines. Training is important obviously, but more importantly, having a structured program that you are consistent with will be the key in this factor.
Your diet is the other main factor to your success. As an attachment to the email following this one, there is a Food Log for you to print out and complete over a minimum one week period. It is not there to be dreaded, nor is it there to incriminate. It is to help us realistically impact your eating habits. Honesty is a must, and everything should be logged in order for this to actually work.
Additionally, injury management, intensity, enjoyment, relaxation and other factors may impact your results. Generally these are a case by case issue and will be handled accordingly.
InFitPTv Policies and Procedures can be viewed on our website at this link: http://www.infitptv.com/corporate-fitness-coaching/mission-statement/
Please note that these may change from time to time and an updated version of these terms and conditions will be stated on all invoices.
Attached is a pre-exercise health and fitness screening form. Please be sure to complete this form and send it back to Infitptv@gmail.com prior to your first training session.  
Click here to download —-> InFitPTv – Personal Screening
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