Communication is a Fundamental Development Category in the InFitPTv Culture! Everyone in the community is expected to communicate these messages regularly to each other and the organisation leaders:







We also want you to ask yourselves, 'Is it InFit or CrossFit'?

The fundamental principals of the InFitPTv Culture exist to promote teamwork, personal development and the opportunity to improve yourself mentally and physically.

When looking at your training strategy, we always ask ourselves and one another, are we taking a CrossFit approach, or an InFit approach.

What does this mean?

CrossFit is an exercise framework designed to push people to their physical limits. The exercise routines in Crossfit consist of high intensity, explosive full body movements that are typically high risk - low reward to the every day fitness enthusiasts. Although an extremely popular fitness culture, CrossFit is not designed for beginners looking to start their health and fitness campaigns, but more so knowledgeable and highly achieved athletes.

With InFitPTv you will take a more diverse approach to our fitness campaigns by developing all 10 Pillars of your Conditioning.

You can learn more about each of these Pillars from your InFitPTv Coach or by heading to our facebook page where people just like you are learning how to leverage these areas of their fitness.