Season Launch

At the start of every season your coach gets the whole team together to introduce each other and give everyone insight into whats going to happening in the 12 week season

Included in the Season Launch are details about the training, everyones objectives and the reward categories which people will be aiming to win

End Of Season

The End Of Season Celebration is an opportunity for everyone to reflect on their season and for feedback to be given from both the coaches and the members

Awards are given out for outstanding performances at the end of every season and members that progress in their Ranking are acknowledged here

Half Yearly

 Every six months we host a get together for each Rank and the members in only that Ranking will attend. This gives members a chance to meet and interact with other members that are at the same stage as they are, to share tips and support one another.  


Every single year we host a smart casual community wide get together for all members and plus 1’s. 








An open discussion between members and InFitPTv Crew will be on the agenda of most meet ups, with the above topics being discussed. 

This allows members the opportunity to:

  1. Tell us about what’s currently happening in their own lives
  2. Share ‘stories of excellence’ about how they have helped another person lately
  3. Tell us how their life will be improved by their fitness campaigns

Often these insights aren’t giving to opportunity to come out. We place a high value on this information about you so this is one way we give you the platform to speak out