New Year Public Statement – InFitPTv Corporate Fitness Coaching

Long time clients, Rising Stars, New Comers, Mentors, Supporters, Family & Friends. Thank you for the year that was 2014! A year that brought many achievements and advancements, it is one that will be remembered as the Birth of InFitPTv Corporate Fitness Coaching.

Without the support of each and everyone of you, our achievements would not have us where we are today. The future holds our way of showing you gratitude, in which I will explain further shortly,  and as exciting and rewarding that it is, you can be assured about the hard work and commitment put towards keeping this Australia wide movement for health doing the amazing work that it does.

What can you expect from InFitPTv in 2015?

As of the 12th of January The InFitPTv Training Studio will re-open for the year and sessions will begin as of that day.

Boot Camp will commence the week starting the 2nd of February.

By the time March is upon us, InFitPTv Meet-Up’s will be held every week, by June, 3 times every week. These may vary from exercise classes, to nutrition workshops, or outdoor team sports days.  Meet-Up’s are free for all members and non-members may attend up to 3 times prior to joining.


InFitPTv is pleased to announce that as of March Boot Camp will be increasing to 6 sessions per week at no extra charge to you.

Awesome Saving On Personal Training!

Corporate Fitness Coaching is now available in small group classes for up to 4 people. There are 5 of these available now so get in quick. As of June, 10 small group training classes will be available each week with a selection of trainers available. is not far from Official Release but when it’s close you will all know about it. Here you will be able to follow our ongoing live feed with updates on Meet-Up’s, Press Releases and Ranking Statuses from people who set their privacy settings to public. It will also be able host your training programs and guide you to your success.

2015 is set to be the most rewarding year for our clients ever! We look forward to the year ahead with you all.

Warm Regards,

Bryan Letch


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