Off season program


Day 1


Warm up


Full Body Stretch


Cobra – DWFD x20


Lunge with Leg Swing 20x each leg


Chest & Shoulder Stretch


Trunk Twists






Sit up – Crunch 3 sets of 15


Push up 50 Reps


Runningmans 3x 20


Side planks 3 / 10 each side


Wall squat 3 minutes holding


Lunges 3x 20




Cool Down


Walk and static stretching








Day 2


Warm Up & Stretch


5 minutes Skipping


Jumping Jacks x50


Full Body stretch






Glute Bridges x100


A – Z Leg Raises


Lying Hip Abduction 3x 15


Push Ups x50




Cool Down


5 minutes Skipping


Full body Static Stretching