Physical KPI’s

We will start tracking your performance with one KPI per week. How you perform in each of these tests will help determine your Ranking.


  • Captain
  • Spiritual Leader
  • Elite
  • Rising Star
  • Rookie


For example, an Elite must achieve at least 12 in the Beep Test to get accredited as an elite in that test. Rising Stars must achieve at least an 8. (if you don’t want to be involved in this you don’t have to, it’s totally optional)


Achieving one result in a certain ranking doesn’t automatically entitle you to that ranking. It’s not that easy! For now we will work on a total of 8 Physical KPIs!


  • Beep Test
  • Push Ups & Isometric Squat
  • Horizontal Leap
  • Pull ups
  • 3km Run
  • 90 second burpie test
  • Wall Angels
  • Touch Toes

You must get a minimum of 4 results in one Ranking category before your are entitled to an official Ranking.


You will learn more about what scores need to be achieved for each rank as the weeks go by so remember to follow the emails.


As well as physical KPI’s there are also other ways of achieving a Ranking.


We will track:


Nutrition KPI’s


Fitness Literacy KPI’s, &


Leadership KPI’s


Achievements in these fields will contribute to you obtaining your Ranking.