Progressive Lunges

Lunges are one of the best exercises you can do, Period!


Add a Progressive Lunge into your regular exercise routine to improve strength, power and endurance in your legs, hips and core.

progressive lunge
When performing the lunge, be sure to drive your heel down on the front leg as you move forward and bring the back leg to the front (see video). Aim to keep your shoulders parallel to the floor at all times, and your lower ribs tucked down.

It is  important that your trunk doesn’t fall forward or back as you are progressing.

female lunge muscles
Keep your core engaged, lunge out far leaving your back knee behind you (not below you) and lower yourself down to the floor. Press up through the heel on your front foot, squeeze in the glute on the same leg and continue into your next rep.

[youtube id=”UTNiuaOrw9w” mode=”normal” maxwidth=”640″ autoplay=”no”]