• Study Corporate Fitness Coaching
  • Get Accounts
  • 200% Power Lifting Total
  • Address Our Community
  • 6 Weeks With InFitPTv
  • Assertiveness With Social Media
  • Corporate Referrals
  • Time Capsules
  • Host A MEET-UP with a minimum 6 people
  • Nutrition InFitPTv
  • PersInality
  • InContact

Rising Star


Rising Star

  • Vision: Own a category
  • Purpose: Taking ownership




  • Vision: Feeding the pig
  • Purpose: Building strong allies

Spiritual Leader


Spiritual Leader

  • Vision: Learning from the best
  • Purpose: Getting the head straight




  • Vision: Proving your competency
  • Purpose: Moving through the ranks



Letting down the entire team



Getting New Clients

One of the keys to attract new clients is to ensure your social media presence is operating at its optimal best. The main forms of social media that you should have accounts for are as follows; LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitted and Instagram. The below links and exercises are to ensure you get the best out of these mediums.

Exercise: Create an account in the following:

Objective: Increase your social media following using the methods included within the links below:

  • LinkedIn

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Instagram


Ten tips for using LinkedIn for sales prospecting

Exercise: Create a strategy for acquiring new business via social media by creating a tailored message for each form of social media, introducing yourself, the company and the services you can offer them.


Read the below links the best methods to attain referrals:

Exercise: List 10 people that you can get referrals from and approach them regarding our services.

Own Personal Connections

How to leverage relationships; the science of relationships to gain true influence

Exercise: List the top 10 people you know that you can use your personal equity with in order to get new corporate business. Include the company they work for and what their position is within that company.

Objective: Get one lead from each of them

Cold Calling

Exercise: Read the articles below on cold contacts and how to overcome the challenges you face when cold calling. Once you have read the links create a script and using this script contact 10 cold contacts (these cold contacts could be any social media contacts or old clients)


Local business partnerships

Read the links below on how to approach a company for strategic partnership

Business relationship building skills – Benefits and tips for success

Exercise: List 10 companies that you want to secure a strategic partnerships with and convert one of these partnerships.

Client retention

Exercise: Create a client rewards program

Exercise: Host a client meet up and promote event on social media


Adding Value

Creating Videos:

Content Marketing:


  • Create InFitPTv Videos for your top 3 personal favourite strength exercises.
  • Create 5 forms of valuable content that you can send to clients for ever.


How to write a professional email

Exercise: Write 2 template emails for a new client (Be sure to show your motivating skills in these emails)

How to write a professional txt

Exercise: Write 2 template text messages for a new client (Be sure to show your motivating skills in these txt)

6 Practices That Make You and Your Follow-Up Stand Out

14 Tips on being a great Personal Trainer

Understanding professional boundaries